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Blue Guava

  • Blue Guava is a Hybrid cross between the uplifting Gelato 33 x euphoric Pink Guava

  • A rare and exotic cut strain, with a resounding reputation among connoisseurs throughout the West Coast regions

  • Hailing from the Bay Area, this luxury strain is legacy grown

  • Blue Guava has a complex terpene profile producing a exotic citrus candy taste

Featured Work

I took a couple of dry hits to understand the flavor profile and it was eye opening, the profile was insane. I absolutely feel in love. When I sparked it up I was just loving the way it smoked and tasted. I can’t believe how beautiful of a plant produced this flower. I am grateful to have smoked Blue Guava.


The Buds Are Always Freshly Packaged. They Always Show Love To The Community. Very Friendly Team 🤝🏽


The terps are so potent and unique that you know that it's blue guava every time you hit it. The sweet fruity terps end with a hint of gas and finish off nicely!
The taste! The smell! The texture and how it looks!!! The high last a while!


I love how fresh & flavorful the flower is.
I am in love!!! Great smoke!


SF_Room 4_Dec2021_YBG_AH_2.jpg

What We Do

We help cannabis connoisseurs elevate their cannabis experience by providing them with handpicked, exclusive, and consistently top-quality products from California's most respected craft cultivation facilities.

Zätix is the most exclusive cannabis brand in California. We pride ourselves on being able to reliably supply the most consistent and highest quality of cannabis California has to offer.

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